Rotuma Kava
Organic kava from The Garden of the Pacific

What is Rotuma Kava?

The rich volcanic soil and suitable climatic conditions of the island of Rotuma provides the ideal environment for growing high-quality kava. Rotuma Kava is unparalleled when it comes to consistency in kavalactone content, product purity, and smoothness of taste. These make it distinct from the numerous kava varieties in the Pacific.

Certified Organic

Rotuma is going through the process of being completely Organic Pasifika certified, and our Kava Smiles is a organic product that’s sustainably managed for consumption and exportation. It thrives well on the island and is harvested and processed following organic farming practices.

Consistent Quality

Because of the island’s remoteness, Rotuma Kava has been protected from cloning material from other varieties. Its chemical composition has been preserved, so the kavalactone content remains consistent at every harvest.

Modernised Process

Rotuma Kava is grown, harvested, and processed using traditional planting practices augmented by the latest technology. State-of-the-art equipment ensure products are of the highest quality.

Indisputable Purity

To ensure our customers get only the purest Rotuma Kava, we manage the entire process from growing to customer delivery. With no middlemen, there is no risk of contamination or product tampering, a huge problem in the Pacific.